Mark Wahlberg, Tom Holland and the ‘Uncharted’ cast on the movie’s big stunts and great on-set chemistry

The cast of Uncharted talks about making the movie’s big stunts, Mark Wahlberg talks about how making big action movies has changed for him as he’s gotten older, and the cast weighs in on the great chemistry between Wahlberg and Tom Holland.

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KEVIN POLOWY: Tom, the movie opens with this crazy sequence that has you fighting guys while jumping around cargo, hanging from a plane. I don’t think you’ve got your Tom Cruise on here, but I’m sure it still involved some heavy stunting. How did you guys film that?

TOM HOLLAND: It took months to film that, really. We had these things called KUKA arms, which are like the robotic arms you see used to make cars. They’re kind of orange robots.

And then they would attach these big boxes to the robot in a row. And then they shot it vertically. So most of the sequence was shot that way, so we could simulate the notion that we were flying through the air.

And basically, all I had to do was hang onto these boxes and make my way up. And then we designed fight sequences with various different stunt guys throughout the route.

And the hardest part of it was that we were shooting such small pieces at a time. Because the way the wire work was designed with the moving machinery was obviously very dangerous. So we had to take it really slowly. It’s easily the hardest action sequence I’ve ever done. And I haven’t seen an action sequence like this in a movie for a very long time.

KEVIN POLOWY: Mark, there’s a scene where Sully kind of lags behind. He says he has a bad ankle. You’ve definitely put your body through like a lot over the years, speaking of stunt work. Does the action get like a little bit harder as you get older?

MARK WAHLBERG: Oh, absolutely. It’s so funny, because I was attached at one point long ago to play Nate. And I certainly embraced the idea of playing Sully. And I loved the notion of being in a helicopter looking out the window while he’s doing all this stuff, just barking orders.

And every day we’d improvise some sort of new injury that I was dealing with in order to avoid pursuing something or somebody. It was a bit of a running gag.

KEVIN POLOWY: You fight Mark Wahlberg in a Papa John’s in this one. So I want to start, I want to start there.

TATI GABRIELLE: What a way to put that.

KEVIN POLOWY: Are you doing any of those stunts yourself? Are you actually getting to go toe to toe with Mark?

TATI GABRIELLE: Yes, I did pretty much a majority of my stunts myself. With that particular scene, the only part of that scene that I was not allowed to do because of liability reasons, was when he flipped me over, that sort of scorpion flip. I really wanted to do it. They wouldn’t let me. But yeah, I was the badass behind the badass.

KEVIN POLOWY: He did tell me this morning, though, that they kept making up injuries for Sully. So like he wouldn’t have to do any of the big stunts, which I thought was one of the more hilarious things I’ve ever heard.

TATI GABRIELLE: That’s so funny, because I didn’t know that. And like I remember thinking like the fight that we had was like shortened quite a bit like or like simplified. And I was like, why? Now I see. Now I see.

KEVIN POLOWY: Tom you’re also an EP. I’m sure you had some input on who would be your Sully. What excited you about working with Mark?

TOM HOLLAND: I mean, Mark was really the obvious choice. I went to meet with Mark in LA, and naturally I was very nervous to meet you, mate, but delighted to find out that you’re a lovely bloke and that we go on.

And you know, it was one of those things where Mark always seemed like a massive get. It didn’t really seem possible. But when you showed your enthusiasm for the character and for the project, it was really exciting. It wasn’t my doing, but I definitely was a Mark Wahlberg advocate for sure.

KEVIN POLOWY: Have you seen a lot of Tom’s work? Like, do you watch the Spider-Man movies?

TOM HOLLAND: Seen none of it. He hates it.

MARK WAHLBERG: I have not seen the Spider-Man yet, but I’ve seen some of his other work. And I’m more interested in the stuff that he’s doing outside of that world. That’s putting him in a position where he can do all the other really interesting things.

I mean, he’s about to do “Crowded Room.” That’s a movie that I was attached to, Leo was attached to. I mean there’s a long list of people that have been trying to get that made in various ways with various filmmakers.

And to see him doing that sort of thing and utilizing all the success that he has with you know, big IP, to really kind of create his own path. It’s really interesting to see. So he’s got his heads on, his head on his shoulders and it’s interesting. I think he’s going to be very successful.

KEVIN POLOWY: Tom and Mark also have such great chemistry in this. How would you describe their dynamic behind the scenes?

SOPHIA ALI: Exactly the same.

KEVIN POLOWY: It was life imitating art?

SOPHIA ALI: Yeah, very much the same.

TATI GABRIELLE: I think that it resembled a lot of what you see on the screen. They were very witty with one another. Not challenging in a bad way, but challenging to one another, really making the other step up, which I thought was really beautiful.

Over the time, over the course of the filming, I think that their relationship grew much like Nate and Sully’s relationship grew. Which is really beautiful to see that parallel happen.

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Mark Wahlberg, Tom Holland and the ‘Uncharted’ cast on the movie’s big stunts and great on-set chemistry

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