Top five bars in Wrexham for Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s pub crawl

When Wrexham co-owner appeared on the One Show, he hinted at the idea of himself and good friend Will Ferrell heading on a pub crawl in Wrexham, so we thought we’d try and help with some suggestions. 

Ryan, who has just seen his most recent movie The Adam Project, hit the big screen, spoke about welcoming Anchorman star Ferrell to Wrexham. 

Ferrell had teased fans about visiting Wrexham on a podcast earlier this year, so after another suggestion, surely it’s going to happen. 

We’ve picked out Tripadvisor’s top five bars and clubs in Wrexham, to give the Hollywood duo a place to start. 

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We have had to adapt the list slightly, due to some places on the list being on the outskirts of town, as we wanted each venue to be within a ten minute walk of each other. 

5. The Turf Hotel

Rob and Ryan at the Turf, with Rich Williams

A place Ryan will know well having already been to

Situated next door to the Racecourse, the Turf is a fans favourite on match days. 

Packed to the rafters pre-match and post-match, the Turf, run by Wayne Jones, could be the first port of call for Ryan and Will (after watching the Reds win at home maybe). 

Perhaps the pair could enjoy one of the 365 Aviation gins that were put behind the bar to celebrate a year as co-owners (if there are any left). 

4. The Maesgwyn

The Leader: Mickey Thomas was one of the Wrexham legends celebrated at the Maesgwyn last weekMickey Thomas was one of the Wrexham legends celebrated at the Maesgwyn last week

Another popular venue on a matchday in Wrexham. 

Recently taken over by the owners of the Fat Boar chain, the Maesgwyn is just over the road from the Racecourse and in an ideal spot for the next part of Ryan and Will’s pub crawl. 

The Maesgwyn recently hosted an evening of celebrations for some of the legends in Wrexham’s history, including Mickey Thomas, Arfon Griffiths and Dixie McNeil. 

Wrexham Lager had teamed up with the pub to put the event on, maybe there could be another event that Ryan and Will could attend. 

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3. The Parish

The Leader: The Parish. (Pic: Google Maps)The Parish. (Pic: Google Maps)

Situated at the bottom of Town Hill, the Parish is becoming one of Wrexham’s most popular places to go on a day or night out. 

Well known for hosting live music nights, perhaps Ryan and Will could give the locals a song of choice. 

Always seems to be full and a certainty to be on the list for the Hollywood duo. 

2. The Royal Oak

The Leader: The Royal Oak. (Pic: Google Maps)The Royal Oak. (Pic: Google Maps)

A little walk up Town Hill for the pair to Tripadvisors second best bar/club in Wrexham. 

Another one with hosting live music and reviews stating the selection of ‘good quality ales’. 

We’d love to see a selfie with Ryan, Will and that thing on the wall. 

1. Voodoo Moon/Crafts and Tails

The Leader: The old Voodoo Moon, now Crafts and Tails. (pic: Google Maps)The old Voodoo Moon, now Crafts and Tails. (pic: Google Maps)

Listed on Tripadvisor at number one is Voodoo Moon, however after it’s renovation, Crafts and Tails will take top spot. 

Perhaps the place to end the evening, after multiple pints of Wrexham Lager and real ales, the pair could sit back and enjoy a cocktail together. 

Located on Brook Street in town, the bar is open to the early hours if Ryan and Will were ‘out out’. 

A quick stop at Maccies or for a kebab (preference) and the pair would have completed a night out in Wrexham. 

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Top five bars in Wrexham for Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s pub crawl

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